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U. S. Chamber of Commerce is the #1 lobby group behind companies outsourcing jobs or relocating manufacturing to foreign countries, they are imposters of job creation.

Small towns and cities all over America are led to believe the State and U.S. Chambers of Commerce are working to bring jobs into their state or city. Most have never received one job brought to them by the Chambers of Commerce, yet these small towns continue to fund the organizations with membership dues to support their anti-American labor position. WHY?

Sallisaw stated the District elected two pro-business Legislators in 2010, one to the House, one to the Senate, who believe in small business for rural Oklahoma and business for THEIR counties, has withdrawn their membership from the State Chamber. On June 10, 2011, local officials and leaders celebrated the opening of Citi Trends Distribution employing 90 people in Roland. June 29, 2011

Your town can do the same. Put the membership funding into your own town. Do not expect an anti-American labor entity like the U.S. or State Chamber of Commerce to bring jobs for your unemployed. They are busy unionizing the WORLD and wrecking American labor. Hear their own words.

Rachel Maddow Show Reveals U S Chamber of Commerce


Hear Donahue’s own words stating the Chambers of Commerce Agenda.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btbCmHqyuv8 must watch!

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Oct 12, 2010 FACT CHECK: NRCC Executive Director Unaware U.S. Chamber President Tom Donahue Supports the Outsourcing of American Jobs

FACT: At the National Journal Midterm Cram Session, NRCC Executive Director Guy Harrison made it clear he was unaware that U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donahue has repeatedly promoted the outsourcing of American jobs.  Donahue has even said “there are legitimate values in outsourcing” and has vowed to fight any attempts to reduce outsourcing. (CNN 2/10/04)

FACT: U.S. Chamber President Donahue argues that Americans Are "Short of Skills." Defending outsourcing in 2004, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue said, "The big fundamental issue that we need to understand is we are short of skills in this country." [CNNFN, 5/3/04]

FACT: Donohue Tells Unemployed to “Stop Whining”.  “Donohue acknowledged the pain for people who have lost jobs to offshoring - an estimated 250,000 a year, according to government estimates. But pockets of unemployment shouldn't lead to "anecdotal politics and policies," he said, and people affected by offshoring should "stop whining."  [Associated Press, 7/5/2004]

FACT:The US must be able to source around the world to stay competitive in the global economy and the business community will fight any attempts by our government to restrict outsourcing," Donohue, the chamber's president, told a news conference.”  [Agence France Presse, 4/14/2004]


U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Chief Endorses Offshoring Donohue says it will boost the economy and increase employment in the U.S.

http://www.informationweek.com/news/22103240 By Rachel Konrad, AP Technology Writer 7/01/2004

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue is promoting overseas outsourcing of jobs as a way to boost the economy and even increase employment--a stance that rankles jobless white-collar workers in the flagging technology industry.

Donohue, speaking to the Commonwealth Club of CA, said he believes exporting high-paid tech jobs to low-cost countries such as India, China, and Russia saves companies’ money that they may use to create new jobs for Americans. (His Goals have NOT changed)

King James Version of the Bible labels the Illegal Alien.

It states that those who choose to enter the sheepfold other than by the door

are “THIEVES and ROBBERS” John 10:1

Legislatures are up against organizations that defend thieves and robbers, income tax fraud and illegal labor, working to protect these from any/all prosecution while corrupt employers profit. LOCAL Chambers of Commerce support local issues, so why fund the socialist United Nations Agenda 21 of borderless countries, New World Order and GLOBALIZATION?

Chambers tout their ‘jobs building’ efforts. Nothing could be further from the truth. How many jobs has the Chamber brought to your city? If none, then keep the local Chamber Dues in your town and employ an economic developer to bring jobs in and begin helping your own community.

* U.S. Chamber funded by top offshoring companies working to send jobs overseas to the following outsourcing foreign corporations that pay member dues to the Chamber of Commerce’s 501c(6) account, which is used to fund its political ads

KPIT Cummins, Pune, India (at least $7,500 in annual dues):– Patni Americas, Mumbai, India ($15,000): “– NIIT Technologies, Delhi, India ($15,000): “– QuEST Global, Singapore ($7,500): “– Rolta, Mumbai, India ($7,500): – SKP Crossborder Consulting,– Wipro, Bangalore, India ($15,000): “Original post Daily Kos on Fri Oct 15, 2010 at 07:30 AM PDT.


The U.S. Chamber (USCC) is the largest lobby group on Capitol Hill representing interests of large businesses and trade associations. It is staffed with policy specialists, lobbyists, lawyers, and is considered to be a conservative organization, funding campaigns for well known Republicans and some Democrats. Local Chambers are independently started and focus on local issues.

Chambers positions include:

U.S. Chamber and AmCham Teach Outsourcing

The U.S. Chamber sponsored an event that instructed US firms how to outsource jobs to China alongside the “Chinese” branch of the American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham. Invitation inviting businesses to come to Jacksonville, Florida were on the internet

Http://www.rawstory.com 10-19-2010


According to the U.S. Chambers webpage it sponsored 16 such events between 2006-2007. According to Campaign Money Watch, since 1994, 1.4 million jobs were lost due to outsourcing in the nine states the Chambers advertise significantly in. And you thought jobs just disappeared?

In 2010, 55% of the Chamber’s funding came from just 16 corporations, and the legislation it lobbies for was written by the wealthiest and most powerful industries in the United States, and Legislatures comply.

With 12 million people officially unemployed, U.S. college grads unable to find a job, when will Congress and State Legislatures stop listening to their foolish smokescreen drivel?

Major Victory for American Workers

Supreme Court upholds 2007 Arizona Immigration enforcement law:

E-Verify enforcement and loss of business license for violators. This is not just a win for enforcement, but also a setback for amnesty and increased immigration. E-VERIFY IS LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL, meaning ALL identification goes through the Social Security Database, not just the legal American’s ID.

U S Chamber Report agrees that “illegal immigration is one of the most significant problems facing our border today” yet they call for immigration ‘reform’ to promote security (the chip for all) economic growth, and increase legal immigration to help DECREASE illegal immigration and help ease the related security concerns hurting business.

OFFICIALLY – The U.S. Chamber shouts America has a labor shortage, and no E-Verify laws needed. Congress knuckled under to them and did not require E-Verify as mandatory for Stimulus money. Legal workers would have paid taxes on this money. You witnessed ‘robbers and thieves’ building Oklahoma’s roads and bridges for the past two years at the BLESSINGS of Department of Transportation. Chambers are Lobbying for more Foreign Workers even in our Recession as they put American labor in the unemployment lines. Unemployed in your city will most likely not change.

Chambers argue migrant workers would be hurt by E-Verify, yet companies can hire foreign workers through the H-1B Visa Program if they take responsibility for them. Current law allows corporations to fire American workers and replace them with foreign workers –(I guess that does not hurt American workers?) all at the influence of the U.S. Chamber.

Fighting Democracy - Destroying America’s Economic Future

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: By Jeffrey Hollender

Chamber supports FREE TRADE (Diminishing State Sovereignty and Legislators Powers.

Features of free trade

* Trade of goods without taxes (including tariffs) or other trade barriers (e.g., quotas on imports or subsidies for producers)

* Trade in services without taxes or other trade barriers

* The absence of "trade-distorting" policies (such as taxes, subsidies, regulations, or laws) that give some firms, households, or factors of production an advantage over others (China, Turkey etc.)

* Free access to markets and free access to market information

* Inability of firms to distort markets through government-imposed monopoly or oligopoly power

* The free movement of labor AND OF movement of capital between and within countries

Chamber of Commerce Website: Chambers Agenda

(sounds much like Oklahoma’s Senate and House Agenda for 2010 and 2011 sessions)


Why do the Chambers Continue to Sue States Seeking to Create

Jobs for Legal American Workers?

AZ 2007 Legislation and Oklahoma’s 2007 bill HB1804 is a threat to the Chambers INTERNATIONAL AGENDA

Bills requiring E-Verify for workers authorization for employment in the U.S. ruins the Chambers idea of “Social Justice” meaning ‘your job is up for grabs by any foreign worker,’ because they believe you have the right to go to Mexico for a better job for yourself.

U.S. Chamber sees A GLOBALIZED workforce with world partnership trade, therefore restrictive state employment laws MUST GO! It appears local Chambers have already been outsourced.

Radical Allies of the U.S. Chamber which lost the lawsuits to the AZ bill and the ruling by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals OKLA’s HB1804 are:

Constitutional Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (assoc of Barack Obama)

SEIU National Day Laborer Organizing Network La Raza Anti Defamation league PRLDEF (Sotomayor association) American Immigration Lawyers Assoc Southern Poverty Law Center National Immigrant Justice Center Asian American Justice Center

American Immigration Council Asian Law Caucus Legal Aid Society Los Abagados Hispanic Bar Association National Employment Law Project

U.S. Chamber of Commerce League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico consider themselves as private sector partnerships to the governments of the U.S. and Mexico.


Advancing Globalism while it pretends to be about the environment and job creation, it is NOT.

A new order has been established that includes the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the Bank of International Settlements and the United Nations. The UN in turn accredits thousands of so-called Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for the purpose of implementing the U.N.’s Agenda 21, the global-to-local network of localized outposts of the global order and known around America as “Sustainable Development.”

Agenda 21 sounds noble, yet,,,,,


This radical transformation of the U.S. is done through our lack of immigration control and is the primary driving force behind the chaos, conflict and division of the Republic – meant to turn us into this multi-racial, multilingual, multi-cultural and multi-nation country, with no one national allegiance or identity as 3.1 million legal and illegal aliens are imported annually. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Cyprus and France no longer exist as countries. (source www.cis.org) (England latest poster child for U.S. Chamber and U N Agenda

Where Does The U.S. Chamber Fit In?

The Chamber has a pro-illegal agenda explained above. It is a major power brokers behind the pro-amnesty Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, thus their lawsuits against any state that passes legislation to regulate illegal labor and regulations for employers. (Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America v. Michael B. Whiting, et. al, 09-115)

Source Watch states “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce own website, “to advance human progress through an economic, political social system based on individual freedom, incentive, initiative, opportunity, and responsibility.” Spending $53.38 million in 2004 lobbying STATE Executive and Legislative branches, they seek to control YOUR ELECTED CONGRESS. Oklahoma’s former House Speaker joined Tulsa Metro Chamber in 2011 as a senior-VP of government affairs. Whose interests did HE represent for 12 years in OKLAHOMA’S HOUSE?

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Behind MEXICO/U.S. Landmark Trucking Agreement



NAFTA, signed in 1994 called for Mexican trucks to have unrestricted access to U.S. highways by January 2000. Mexico agrees to suspend tariffs. Mexican citizens go to work, America’s truck driving industry is phased out, all part of Chambers agenda.


Last year Prudential Financial donated $2 million, News Corp gave $1 million Dow Chemical gave $1.7 million, Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Texaco and Aegon, a multinational insurance company based in the Netherlands donated more than $8 million in recent years. None are publicly disclosed by the U.S. Chamber, gives you an idea of who is funding them and WHY?

A LARGE FOUNDATION DONOR CHARITY RUN BY Maurice Greenberg, former Chair of A.I.G. made loans and grants totaling $18 million since 2003


Endorsement decisions, Chamber officials said, are based on candidates’ votes on series of business-related bills, and through regional directors, state affiliates, and members.

Chamber President Tom Donohue, former trucking lobbyist = Compensation $3.7 million in 2008 with access to corporate jet and chauffeur. Mr. R. Bruce Josten, Chief Chamber lobbyist =

Compensation $1.1 million


A business owner from Chicago states, “There was an arrogance to it like they were the 800-pound gorilla and I was either with them with this big number, or I just did not matter

Source: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters 10-21-2010 by Eric Lipton, Mike McIntire and Don Van Natta, Jr.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce’ motives, read their rise to prominence – how they did it! Why they are dangerous!

The Chamber of Commerce – Part 1

It’s Power and Goals

By Erica Carle – October 2005

Most people, including small local Chambers Of Commerce would be astonished to learn the extent of power that organization exerts over international, national, state and local policies. But there is a much to be understood in order to gain a concept of the real power of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- not only over commerce, education, religion, technology, industry, agriculture, transportation, medicine, communication, labor and government. To understand this power we have to look to Chamber ties with other organizations, both governmental and non-governmental.

The Chamber Is Many Organizations Gaining Power

Answers to WAR- HUNGER – POVERTY (New World Order)

The Chamber had one answer to universal problems of hunger and poverty: "rational" world trade. Allow the trade of the whole world to be carried on under the Chamber's "rational" direction, rather than independently under various governments; and problems would be solved. Slogans used to gain backing for the U.S. Chamber leadership: "World peace through world trade," and "More business in government and less government in business."

A New Organization
The Chamber seeking to commercialize the world under its own direction needed a new organization, one that could ‘blanket’ governments, professions, unions, educational institutions, farms, industries, sciences, religions and even families. A strong international organization was needed to bring about the cooperation and commercialization of all of these. The United Nations became that ‘blanket.’

How is the U N used to increase Chamber of Commerce power and help throw its blanket over other activities? It was done largely through the United Nations Charter: the setting up of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). A council lacking in the old League of Nations.

Chamber Power With ECOSOC
With the birth of the UN, the Chamber now had a vehicle subject to its influence, to gather under its blanket governmental, all types of professional and other non-governmental organizations. This put the Chamber of Commerce at the center of policy making for every governmental and non-governmental organization that is in any way associated with, or dominated by the UN.

Including representatives from non-governmental organizations in its deliberations seems at the surface to be a way for the Economic and Social Council to learn the needs and wishes of the people, and to allow them to participate in policymaking decisions,
but this is not the case. Understand that the United Nations is not an open forum, offering opportunities for unlimited discussion on public matters. It is a goal-centered vehicle, dedicated to accomplishing the purpose for which it was founded: that of putting control of all the world's political, social and economic activities under one Chamber of Commerce-dominated blanket= A One World ORDER.

Goal-Centering Means Behavior Controlling
Because the U N is goal-centered, it is also behavior controlling. Chamber coalition leaders know that those who set the goals for others control the behavior of others. The United Nations does not exist for the sake of individuals. From the U N’s point of view, individuals and groups exist for the sake of the U N. It is an organization of organizations, dealing only with groups which gain consultative status and are recognized as worthy of participation in the Economic and Social Council.

Indirect Influence
Policies promoted do not have to bear the Chamber label, rather U N policies.When the United States and local Chambers of Commerce support these policies, few of the local Chambers or members are aware of the vital links between the Chamber and the U N, or that much of the legislation United Nations representatives suggest to national and state legislatures was actually originally brought to the United Nations by the Chamber of Commerce. The steps in the process that can be followed are:

(1) Planners, perhaps at a university or Chamber-supported think tank, develop legislation.
(2) The Chamber of Commerce accepts the legislation as in keeping with its goals.
(3) The Chamber of Commerce suggests it to the Economic and Social Council.
(4) The Economic and Social Council promotes it through the United Nations.
(5) The United Nations pressures someone in each national or state government to introduce the legislation in that area's legislature. (legislators become PUPPETS)
(6) The United States Chamber (and Chambers in other countries) suggest and/or pressure local Chambers to support the legislation.
(7) The National League of Cities, National Municipal League,
U.S. Conference of Mayors, Association of Counties, National Governors' Conference, International City Managers' Association, Advisory Commission on Inter-Governmental Relations, Urban Action Clearinghouse, International Labor Organization, etc....add their weight.
(8) Local Chamber officials get instruction on “educating” their members to favor the agenda.
(9) Chambers' paid lobbyists pressure legislatures for passage. (legislators become PUPPETS)
(10) Local Chambers work in communities for more support.
(11) Federal legislation is passed.
(12) Enabling legislation at state and other levels is passed. (UN Agenda then successful)

Few members of local Chambers are aware of
what position the Chamber lobbyists actually take on specific legislation.

Organizations Involved
Organizations having status with the Economic and Social Council are organizations which have been in existence long before the United Nations was born. Others seem to have been concocted for the purpose of organizing people to serve the United Nations.

Link will list these SOURCE http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/carle/chamber-commerce.htm


Pew Institute recent report confirms that 85,000 illegal aliens have migrated to Oklahoma, 40,000 of those just the past 14 months, requiring at least 85,000 new jobs at the same time the U.S. Chamber works to outsource some of Oklahoma’s largest corporations.

As Oklahoma Legislators work tirelessly to enable Agenda 21 for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U N, they are instrumental in dissolving State Sovereignty.

If this is okay with you, so be it, if not, stand up and take Oklahoma back economically. Do what our legislators refuse to do. If Governor Fallin is unwittingly being influenced by the U.S. Chamber agenda, inform her of your views.

Prove for yourself whether this information and sources are credible, but you cannot remain uninformed any longer.

Sincerely, Carol Helm – Director IRON Group